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16 Jan 2018

Young Farmers Get ExtruPro® Education

Last week, our extrusion plant at Chettisham where ExtruPro® is manufactured, played host to the March Young Farmers Club.  Gary Marsters, Site Manager, took the group on a tour of the site, explaining the various workings of the plant as they progressed from the weighbridge and raw material intakes, along the production line, finishing at the stock pile.  He outlined the benefits of adding ExtruPro® to a wide range of animal feeds; being a highly digestible source of both energy and protein, its use brings technical gains to livestock shown in the quality of the final product.

Martin Bamforth, Commodities Manager at 2 Sisters Food Group, then shared his knowledge with the young farmers.  Describing his day to day workings, the grain markets and his background,  Martin gave the group an insight into one of many possible careers available to them within the agricultural sector.

The group were a receptive audience and said that is was ‘good to see what the machinery does and how ExtruPro® is made’.

We were so impressed with the group, we have told them to keep a sharp eye on our careers page for a future job!