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2Agriculture operate five mongastric feed mills across the UK, manufacturing over one million tonnes of broiler, broiler breeder, layer, duck and turkey feed per annum.

We source the highest quality raw materials for the production of high quality feeds at our UFAS accredited mills. Our diets are formulated to offer cost effective rations that deliver performance to meet the targets set for each crop.

The broiler diets are designed to the very highest standard to provide a great looking tasty chicken, whether it be for a whole bird roast or portions for a tasty casserole.

2Agriculture also produce a range of specialist diets for breeder farmers, which are formulated to produce the highest quality fertile eggs for the commercial hatcheries.

Our layer diets are formulated to produce high quality eggs whilst also giving the laying hen the nutrition required for protection from the elements if ranging outside.

The duck feeds are designed to produce good quality meaty ducks whether they are for roasting or enjoying as part of the ever popular dish ‘crispy duck’.

Our range of turkey feeds provide birds with the right nutrition to grow meaty seasonal turkeys for Christmas and all year round birds for the carvery market or catering trade.

Broiler Breeder
Diets formulated to provide a healthy start

High quality rations to produce meaty birds

A range of diets for high quality eggs

Diets designed to produce good quality ducks

Providing the right nutrition for meaty turkeys